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Приложение №1 (Текст произведения)

If you leave me now,
I will don’t know how..
Time is running out -
Сurtain is behind
The opened window,
Wind is blowing outside.
He gives me wisdom..
I stay in dark side,
But I still write..

Don’t forget to say "good bye"
For seconds, minutes, hours
Days and nights.
I will never find
The opened mind
In this empty wourld!
But my heart made of stone..
My poem has never been heard
But my words will be thrown.
Don’t try to stop me
In my choises.
And don’t ask me about my life.
I don’t hear any voices,
Exept only mine!
I stay in the silience.
I am fine.
I’ll send you the message
When you are on the line..

My life is a secret land,
But I’ll go till the end
Of this road
Made of stops,
Plans and hopes.
Which way I will go?
I’ll never know..
If I stay home,
How many tears
Will be throne?
But you are dissapeared,
Yes, I know..
Truth don’t like to be heard
Any more..
My words will fly high
Like the birds in the sky,
And fell down like a
Drops of the wine
In the river of hopes,
Wishes and cryes!

And don’t ask me about my life!
No time for suggestions,
No way to apologize!
I see, what you mean,
I feel, what you near..
I know - who is a friend,
Who is a foe -
Look at the mirror
When you are alone..
I’ll never show the answers anymore.
And my words will fly
Like a birds on the sky.
And I said to myself once again:
You have just one life
There’s no way to retry.
Lets do everything
That you can realize,
You stay here for a while!
Only you have а vision
Of your own lifestyle!
No beliefes, no religion.
In your eyes - only true.
True and rythem -
In the highest fly!

I don’t  want to stay alone,
But I will..
Sometimes I have to go,
Just untill..
The midnight comes away
And again it’s appear..
My sadness far away
But it’s near..
I never stay at home.
I don’t have friends,
They gone..
And the tear will drop
Into my arms..
So.. I will stay alone.

You can hear..